Ten Tips for Managers, from Managers

Managers are often looked upon for advice, which is completely understandable — they got to where they are now because they were able to prove that they have the skills, experience and talent to lead and mentor others. The question is, who can managers turn to when they need tips on how to consistently deliver the results that are expected from them? There are many resources out there, but when it comes to providing insights that have both experience and empathy, few beat those who have been there and done that — and are still going strong.

During a major study jointly conducted by the University of Toledo and the University of Michigan schools of business, more than 2000 professionals in managerial and supervisory positions were interviewed. These individuals were selected based on their being identified by their peers, superiors and subordinates as high performers. When asked what they thought were keys to success and better results were, their ten most popular responses were the following:

  1. Show Character and Integrity. Demonstrate uncommon character and integrity in your workplace dealings to foster trust and teamwork

  2. Don't Waste Time. Focus on what you are trying to achieve and do not waste time on activities that do not support your mission

  3. Don't Waste the Time of Others. Make sure your people clearly understand their value-added roles, so their time, energy, and talent are not wasted

  4. Think, Plan, and Prepare. Spend the right amount of time thinking, planning, and preparing to get desired results that you need to be successful

  5. Hire the Right People. Take great care in hiring the right people for the right jobs at the right time

  6. Remove Barriers. Continually monitor performance at all levels, and rapidly and regularly remove performance barriers to keep things moving forward

  7. Build Relationships. Demonstrate uncommon skill at building and maintaining effective 360-degree working relationships that are needed to get things done

  8. Know What's Going On: Communicate in creative ways so you are in a position to know what is really going on around you and so others know what is going on as well

  9. Develop the Skills of Others. Stimulate the development of your people so they have the talent/skills necessary to get results

  10. Avoid Burnout. Establish and maintain balance in your personal and professional life
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