The 2008 Salary Guide Provides the Information You Need

AppleOne's 2008 Salary Guide is a resource for companies to optimize productivity and maximize profits. Rich with relevant information, it functions on many different levels. It's a window into current workplace trends like flex-time and benefit packages. Hiring managers have access to a comprehensive breakdown of salaries and variances across a wide range of fields including Accounting, Human Resources and Clerical. It also features a job description glossary with the average experience requirements in each field.

The data is compiled from a sample set of 250,000 placements and job orders processed by AppleOne and its affiliates across the country. Findings from client and professional surveys give managers a strong understanding of the hiring dynamics in their particular region and industry.

Trends show that hiring optimism remains very high, with 57% of the surveyed respondents reporting that they expect to increase the number of full-time employees in 2008. The findings show that productivity is the leading parameter that salary increases are based on and 76% of respondents indicated that they conduct annual employee salary reviews.

Medical remains the most popular benefit, with 97% of respondents offering it to their employees. This year shows a slight rise in the availability of flexible scheduling, which continues to grow as a popular benefit for both employees and their employers. Employees love having the ability to better manage their work life balance, while employers view it as a low-cost offering with high perceived value that leads to greater employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention.

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